Consider Stocking ‘Exotic’ Small Animal Products


"Speaking of cages, not every small animal enclosure will fit the bill—or, in this case, the snout.

“Proper wire spacing is key for exotics. They need tighter wire spacing to ensure that they don’t try to squeeze through the bars or get stuck. And chinches love to chew, so having an all-metal cage is the best option,” said Brandi Savitt, spokesperson for Prevue Pet Products, the Chicago-based manufacturer of small mammal habitats.

Two of Prevue’s newest exotic-friendly creations are the Deluxe Critter Home (#484), featuring tight 7/16-inch wire spacing, four levels, removable ramps, platforms and a hammock; and the all-metal Critter Cage (#495), especially designed for chewers, boasting 3/8-inch wire spacing."

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