Bird Cages

We understand pet safety and all of our cages are painted or powder-coated with a non-toxic, lead-free, zinc free, pet safe paint formula.  We also do additional testing both nationally and internationally to assure the safety of your animals.
Prevue has a very long history in manufacturing bird cages.  Unfortunately, we do not have any information on the value of antique or vintage bird cages. We recommend visiting a search engine and typing in "antique Prevue bird cage" to find listings of online communities where people appraise and sell antique cages.
We sell through many distributors and pet store chains across North America, however we do not have a definitive list of each store that carries our products, and what exactly they carry. If you have a particular cage model in mind, please contact us and we can direct you to some of our retail and online affiliates.
Each of our cages is specifically designed with a general purpose, and making alterations in the design could affect the structure of the cage, and affect the way it functions. Therefore, we do not recommend making any alterations to any of our cages.  Regarding product improvement, we regularly review products and often include suggestions from our customers - if you have recommendations about how to modify or improve any of our products, we'd love to hear from you. 
We have several different flight cages that offer plenty of living space for multiple birds!

The #F040 (black) and #F041 (white) flight cages each measure 31"L x 20.5"D x 53"H and sit on a rolling caster stand. The cage includes 3 solid wood perches, 4 plastic double cups and a pull-out bottom grille and tray. 

The #F050 flight cage measures 37"L x 23"W x 60"H and sits on a rolling caster stand.  The cage includes 3 solid wood perches, 4 plastic double cups and a pull-out bottom grille and tray.

The #F070 and #F075 are stackable flight cage units that also function as breeder cages.  The #F070 measures 37.5"L x 18"W x 40.25"H including its stand.  The #F075 measures 37.5"L x 18"W x 20.5"H

Our largest flight cage is the #F030 measures 37"L x 27"D x 68"H and sits on a rolling caster stand. The cage includes 2 solid wood perches, 4 plastic double cups and a pull-out bottom grille and tray.


We offer many different styles of decorative bird cages which fit different budgets.

For smaller birds such as parakeets, we recommend the following cages:


For medium-sized birds such as lovebirds and cockatiels, we recommend the following cages:

  • #152 Dynasty Stainless Steel Bird Home
  • #290 Cape Cod House (Made in USA)
  • #294 Victorian House (Made in USA)
  • #220BLK Scrollwork Cage
  • #220W Scrollwork Cage
  • #110B The Lincoln (Made in USA)
  • #124 The Madison (Made in USA)
  • #125 Parrot Cage (Made in USA)
  • #41618 Cockatiel Flight Cage
  • #41615 Cockatiel House Cage
  • #1804TR Triple Roof Cage
  • #3351 Park Plaza Small
  • #3352 Park Plaza Medium


Clean Life cages have a variety of great features that make cleaning the cage easier so you spend less time cleaning the cage and more time enjoying your pet!
  • Integrated seed guard helps contain seeds and debris
  • Elevated cage mesh eliminates the most common debris catch points seen in older cage models
  • Snug-fit, removable drawer has flared edges for a tight fit that eliminates the traditional gap between the base and drawer
  • Front access, removable bottom grille allows for easy cleaning without cage disassembly
  • Lower-positioned cups help keep seeds from falling outside the cage as birds forage for their meals

Matching cage stands and cage stackers are also available.

We have two bird homes which are our largest.

The #3155S Silverado Macaw Dometop Bird Home measures 46"L x 36"D x 78 1/4"H and has 1 3/8" bar spacing.

The #3157 Empire Bird Home measures 46"L x 36"D x 78 1/4"H and has 1 3/8" bar spacing.

Both of these bird homes are constructed from 9 gauge wire and utilizes a flathead hex bolt assembly that birds cannot unscrew. They includes 3 large stainless steel, non-tip feeding bowls, a 1 1/8" diameter hardwood perch, large heavy-duty pull-out tray and pull-out bottom grille. A grille clip keeps more aggressive birds from pushing out the grille and the wind-bell clip at the top of the large front door provides additional security.  There is also a feature located underneath the door lock where an additional padlock can be added (padlock not included).
Bird Toys
Prevue Pet Products do not have lead or zinc in them.  Bird toys that contain colored components are painted with non-toxic, lead-free, pet-safe paint formula that is FD&C approved.

We also have a "Naturals" line that contain no dyes or additives.
We have many large bird toys, for big birds with big attitudes!

Some of the largest include:
  • #62804 Gorilla 12"W x 27"H
  • #62607 Dagwood  6" diam. x 26"H
  • #62665 Caterpillar  6"W x 26"H
  • #60947 Building Maze   12"L x 6.5"W x 27"H
  • #62472 Fluff n Stuff   13" W x 29" H
  • #62474 Bamboo Shoots 18" W x 34" H
  • #60944 Waterfall  14"L x 8"W x 29"H
  • #60943 Blockhead 11"L x 4"W x 32"H
  • #60946 Tentacles 7"L x 5.5"W x 36"H

Prevue Pet has a HUGE selection of bird toys & accessories! Check out some of these great items:

Images and additional information on all of Prevue Pet's bird toys and accessories can be found on our website.

Birds are naturally curious and intelligent,  and will become bored if they are exposed to the same toys over and over again.

Toys are used to keep birds engaged and fit, alleviate self-destructive behavior (such as plucking), help with nest-building activities, and encourage mental stimulation.  We recommend periodically changing your bird's toys to keep him (or her) happy and healthy.

Please remember, toys should be inspected daily for wear and tear and replaced as needed.
Cat Products
We have two great cat homes for kittens, fosters and older cats.

Our largest cat home is the #7500 Premium Cat Home which measures 43.25"L x 25.25"W x 65.75"H.

The smaller size is the #7501 Deluxe Cat Home which measures 43.25"L x 25.25"H x 44.875"H

Features of both cages include:
  • Easy to assemble, heavy duty and rust-resistant
  • No gaps or pinch points - safe for curious cats and kittens
  • Wide, easy-to-open doors for full access to the entire cage
  • Sturdy platforms with washable pads and fabric hammocks for sleep and playtime activity
  • Ample room in the base for litter box, food and accessories
Dog Products
Prevue Pet Products has manufactured tie-out, chain and cable for many years. 

Our chain comes in both medium- as well as heavy-duty grades.  The welded oval links are zinc-plated and have premium quality die-cast iron swivel bolt snap ends. 

Our cable also comes in medium- as well as heavy-duty grades.  We use aircraft-grade wound-steel cable which is covered by a crack-resistant, high visibility red vinyl casing.  Cables have premium quality die-cast iron swivel bolt snap ends. 
Tinkle Turf™ is a convenient, in-home dog potty system which:
  • Creates a designated place for your dog to tinkle when going outdoors is not an option
  • Protects floors and carpets
  • Makes and ideal training tool for puppies
  • Easily transportable for use when traveling
  • Replacement grass sold separately

Tinkle Turf comes in 3 sizes:
  • #500 Tinkle Turf Small  22 7/8"L x 16 1/8"W x 1 1/4" Deep
  • #501 Tinkle Turf Medium 29 5/8"L x 19 5/8"W x 1 1/4" Deep
  • #502 Tinkle Turf Large  41 1/4"L x 28 5/8"W x 1 1/4" Deep
Unfortunately, we cannot provide parts for a cage that we did not manufacture, as the pieces for our cages ae specifically made to fit our cages. 
Yes, we do have PDF versions of our complete product catalog.  To receive a copy of this catalog, please email us at customerservice@prevuepet.com and we would be happy to send you a copy.  You can also go to the Contact Us area of this web site and ask for a catalog.
Animal Sizes are determined, for use in our website, by basic and generalized sizing.  These include X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, & X-Large. 

These are used as generalized sizes for all different types of pets, making it easy to refine what would be best suited for your pet.  If you are not sure how you might categories your pet, you can choose a range, or several different sizes, to try to refine your search.
We do not sell to consumers via our website, however we have a wide variety of online retail partners.  Click on "Where to Buy" to see a list of these partners.  

We do have an online store for Retail Stores.  The first step is to sign up for a user name and password by clicking on "Dealer Login".  Our sales team with then work with you to establish an account and assist you with product selection.
Wire spacing is measured from the Center of one wire to the Center of the next wire (rather then the space inbetween)

For birds:
  • 3/8" wire spacing is for extra small birds, including finches
  • 1/2" wire spacing is for small birds including parakeets
  • 5/8" wire spacing is for small-medium birds including lovebirds & parrotlets
  • 3/4" wire spacing is for medium birds including cockatiels or conures
  • 1" wire spacing is for Large birds including African Grays & Amazons
  • 1+" wire spacing is for X-Large birds such as Cockatoos and Macaws
All Prevue Pet items have UPC codes starting with 048081. If the number on the UPC sticker does not start with these 6 digits, the item is not a Prevue Pet product.

If you have further trouble identifying your cage, please take a picture of it and email your question to:  customerservice@prevuepet.com
Assembly instructions can be found on the product pages.  If you know your cage model, search our website for that product and you can find the assembly instruction on that product page.

If you still cannot find the assembly instructions or need additional help, please contact us via email customerservice@prevuepet.com or via telephone  at 1-312-243-3634.  To help you, we will need to know  the model number of your cage.
To request assistance on purchasing replacement parts for current and discontinued products, please click on the "To Purchase Replacement Parts" link and fill out the email application. The following information is the most helpful for us in determining whether or not we have the parts you need:
  • Model number
  • UPC code
  • Dimensions
  • Color
Birds are one of the most beautiful, entertaining and unique animals in the world.  Each one, each species has a personality all its own.  Before selecting a specific species of bird on your own, talk to a local bird specialist, veterinarian or hobbyist to determine what type of bird is best suited to you and your family. Many hobbyist periodicals and bird books are also available to do your own research.  Once you have made your selection, seek out a licensed veterinarian skilled in bird medicine who will take care of your bird on a regular basis. This professional will not only help maintain the bird's health, but will routinely groom the bird by trimming the nails, beak and wings.
A number of considerations are involved in the purchase of the "right" cage.
Proper Design For Intended Species
  • Vertical Bars - for Finches, Canaries, and All Climbers
  • Horizontal Bars - for Parakeets, Parrots, Cockatiels, and All Climbing Species.
Wire Spacing
  • 3/8" suitable for finches and extremely small birds
  • 1/2" general purpose for parakeets, canaries and all medium-sized birds
  • 5/8" suitable for cockatiels, doves
  • 1" suitable for all medium-to-large birds such as African grays
  • 1"+ suitable for macaws, cockatoos and other large birds
Inside Cage Dimensions
  • Should allow birds to comfortably spread wings
  • Should have ample cage base depth for birds who do not sleep on perches
  • Should have added cage height for climbing birds
  • Should provide ample room capacity for toys and related treats
Special Features
  • Seed guards
  • Soft wood perches with proper accessibility to feeder cups
  • Multiple feeder cups with ample holding capacity
  • Sufficiently large doors for easy access and to accommodate bird's size
  • A practical method of locking and securing doors
Swing Style
  • Proper dowel diameter for species
  • Proper hanging depth from top
  • An appropriate size that will not over-crowd cage
  • Possibility to be sturdily secured to top cage bars
Cage Construction
  • In most cases, cost does dictate the amount of quality put into cage construction
  • All plastic parts should have thick walls, especially in corner areas
  • Metal parts should not have any sharp edges. They should encompass solid multi-welds and should have an adequate application of plating or paint coverage
  • Generally speaking, all-steel constructed cages are preferable due to their longevity value and their ability to withstand more shock and cleaning than their plastic counterparts.
Cage Finish
  • Clear lacquer applied to all plated parts
  • Use of non-toxic, baked paints only
Cage Care
  • Plated and Powder-Coated Finishes - Clean with a soft damp cloth and immediately dry with a soft, dry cloth. Never use abrasive soaps or abrasive cleaning pads. Avoid use of extremely hot water in cleaning.  Plated items (brass or nickel) have a protective clear lacquer coating applied during the plating process. If this clear coating is worn off by excessive abrasive cleaning - or by years of use - the base plating will begin to oxidize. If oxidation does begin, it is recommended that consideration be given to replacing the entire cage or - at a minimum - the part that is oxidizing.
  • Painted finishes - should always be baked on during the painting process. To avoid future rusting, immediately use touch-up paint on any chipped or scratched areas.  All epoxy liquid paint, epoxy powder coatings, and all plating finishes used on Prevue cages are laboratory-tested to be "Child Safe and Pet Safe"... of paramount importance. Lead-based coating materials are never used.
  • Cage Placement - Be sure your bird has plenty of shade and is far enough away from any possible hazardous fumes. Always keep bird out of reach of other pets as well as small children
  • Add Toys - Keep your bird entertained and it will entertain you. After 2 weeks in the new cage, gradually add play-things. Prevent overcrowding by keeping to a minimum the number of toys in the cage at one time. Rotate the toys for variety.
  • Bathing - Birds enjoy bathing, do it often. It's also necessary to keep their feathers in good shape. Use a cage-mounted bird bath. It is also a good idea to "mist" your bird frequently using a hand-held, spray-pump applicator.
  • Provide Cuttlebones - By chewing and rubbing this helps keep the beak from overgrowing and provides essential calcium. Always keep a cuttlebone in the cage.
  • Cleaning Cage - Keeping the cage clean helps prevent disease as well as freeing your bird from dirt and oil. Wash water and food cups daily, using a mild dish-washing detergent applied with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush.
  • Help During Molting - Spring is generally molting season. As the bird loses its insulating feathers, keep the cage warm. Cover the cage for longer periods so your bird can sleep more during this stressful time.
  • Select Quality Food - High quality food helps keep your bird healthy and energetic. Use the proper mix of pellet, seed mix, and fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Select seed mix with supplemental vitamins. Pellets provide the proper vitamins to assure a natural balance. Consult your veterinarian for further dietary information and recommendations.
  • Add Grit to Food - Limited to pigeons and doves only. Grit helps grind up foot so it doesn't get lodged in the bird's gizzard. All other pet bird species utilize digestive minerals as supplementation. These are easily obtained through the addition of cuttlebone, mineral blocks, or prepared egg shell compound to the cage environment. Consult your veterinarian.
  • Ration the Portions - Provide only what your bird will eat in one sitting.
  • Treat Your Bird - Provide treats once or twice a week to add variety and stimulate appetite.
  • Food Supplement - Add fruit or vegetables to your bird's diet daily. Reference books will advise of the proper fruits and vegetables for the breed, or consult your veterinarian.
  • Add Water - Provide clean, fresh drinking water every day, in addition to the bath water. Do not take your water source for granted. The supply should be monitored on a regular basis for heavy metal contaminants which can affect your pet's health.
Small Animal Accessories
We have a variety of toys and accessories for ferrets.

Our Zzz's line includes 3 different items made from a super-soft, suede-like material that invites ferrets to curl up & drift off to sleep. Model numbers are:

Toys include:

Small Animal Cages
Each of our cages are specifically designed with a general purpose, and making alterations in the design could affect the structure of the cage, and the way it functions. We do not recommend making any alterations to any of our cages.