About Us

Since 1869, Prevue has built a well-deserved reputation for safe, high-quality, well-designed products for pets and their human companions. This passion has brought us to where we are today—and it’s really only the beginning. Prevue is your trusted partner in ensuring the safety, security, comfort, care and well-being of your pets.

Inherent in every Prevue product you bring home is a 150-year accumulation of knowledge, wisdom, dedication, and passion. Throughout our history, we’ve learned from our experiences, built on our successes, and maintained a youthful outlook with a continuous drive for improvement. Our pledge is an ongoing commitment and continued enhancement of the pet ownership experience.



Our primary goal is the safety of your pet. We design our products to be safe, secure, easy to use, easy to clean, and we routinely test all materials and coatings to be guaranteed and certified pet safe.


Prevue consistently delivers the best, most reliable products for the best value. Our products will be the highest-quality items for the price points at which they compete.


Appearance goes hand-in-hand with function, and we’re dedicated to designing products, choosing fabrics, updating colors, and offering finishes styled to fit your home, family, life, and lifestyle.


We stand behind our entire 800-plus product catalog with friendly, helpful customer service. Our support team will guide customers through any issue — from assembly, to replacement parts, to product questions, and more.

A Passion for Pets Since 1869.

Prevue is an active member of the APPMA (American Pet Products Manufacturing Association, PIDA (Pet Industry Distributor Association), WWPSA (World Wide Pet Supply Association, The Pet Care Trust and PJAC (The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council)