I'm looking for a more decorative small-medium bird cage, what would you recommend?

We offer many different styles of decorative bird cages which fit different budgets.

For smaller birds such as parakeets, we recommend the following cages:


For medium-sized birds such as lovebirds and cockatiels, we recommend the following cages:

  • #152 Dynasty Stainless Steel Bird Home
  • #290 Cape Cod House (Made in USA)
  • #294 Victorian House (Made in USA)
  • #220BLK Scrollwork Cage
  • #220W Scrollwork Cage
  • #110B The Lincoln (Made in USA)
  • #124 The Madison (Made in USA)
  • #125 Parrot Cage (Made in USA)
  • #41618 Cockatiel Flight Cage
  • #41615 Cockatiel House Cage
  • #1804TR Triple Roof Cage
  • #3351 Park Plaza Small
  • #3352 Park Plaza Medium


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