Bigger is Better


"Jason Savitt, president of Prevue Pet Products in Chicago, Illinois, concurs that size matters among customers.

“Cage designs continue to emphasize more living space for birds and better access for them to explore different areas of their cage. Also, doors are getting bigger and more plentiful on bird cages, which allows for better accessibility and cleanability,” Savitt noted.

After dometops and playtops, flight cages, which allow birds to spread their wings, and travel cages are increasingly in demand.

“Cages designed specifically for travel have become hugely popular as more people are travelling with their birds on recreational trips and to the vet,” Savitt said. “In fact, more pet parents are purchasing multiple cages, whether it’s a separate cage for transport or as a holding station while cleaning another cage. People are also desiring an additional cage for a different location, like the living room, bedroom, porch or office.”

This speaks to a larger movement—“one where pets are treated more like family members and a variety of living options are being provided for birds,” according to Savitt."

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