Prevue Receives Vanguard Award for Avian Merchandising

"'In the last few years, we implemented a change in how we merchandise and sell our bird toys,' said Caterina Novotny with Prevue Pet Products. 'We wanted to create the best experience for stores and consumers and developed a line of packaging that focuses on the basic needs of birds. Our line is branded as Playfuls and Naturals and the four categories are: Preen & Pacify; Sound & Movement; Forage & Engage; Physical & Mental. The Playfuls toys are colorful and have a variety of materials, while the Naturals focus on all natural, sustainable materials. We encourage customers to select from all categories to create the most well-rounded experience for their avian companions.'

"'We also have recognized that people want variety and over the last few years we introduced some new cage styles and revamped colors for our popular, existing lines,' Novotny added. 'We always look at ways to improve the interaction that our customers have with us—for example we took a popular item and redesigned it to be easier to set up and also ship in a smaller package—to create less impact on the environment. And, we have some additional unique cage offerings on the horizon for later this year. Our customers rely on us to bring them the products needed to create a healthy and engaging environment for their birds, and we strive to have many specialty products that satisfy even the most discerning bird owner.'"

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