Selecting a bird cage

A number of considerations are involved in the purchase of the "right" cage.

Proper Design For Intended Species

  • Vertical Bars - for Finches, Canaries, and All Climbers
  • Horizontal Bars - for Parakeets, Parrots, Cockatiels, and All Climbing Species.

Wire Spacing

  • 3/8" suitable for finches and extremely small birds
  • 1/2" general purpose for parakeets, canaries and all medium-sized birds.
  • 5/8" suitable for cocktaiels, doves
  • 1" suitable for all medium-to-large birds such as African greys.
  • 1"+ suitable for macaws, cockatoos and other large birds.

Inside Cage Dimensions

  • Should allow birds to comfortably spread wings
  • Should have ample cage base depth for birds who do not sleep on perches
  • Should have added cage height for climbing birds.
  • Should provide ample room capacity for toys and related treats

Special Features

  • Seed guards
  • Soft wood perches with proper accessibility to feeder cups
  • Multiple feeder cups with ample holding capacity
  • Sufficiently large doors for easy access and to accommodate bird's size
  • A practical method of locking and securing doors

Swing Style

  • Proper dowel diameter for species
  • Proper hanging depth from top
  • An appropriate size that will not over-crowd cage
  • Possibility to be sturdily secured to top cage bars

Cage Construction

  • In most cases, cost does dictate the amount of quality put into cage construction
  • All plastic parts should have thick walls, especially in corner areas. Look for warpage and hairline cracks
  • Metal parts should not have any sharp edges. They should encompass solid multi-welds and should have an adequate application of plating or paint coverage
  • Generally speaking, all-steel constructed cages are preferable due to their longevity value and their ability to withstand more shock and cleaning than their plastic counterparts.

Cage Finish

      • Clear lacquer applied to all plated parts
      • Use of non-toxic, baked paints only

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