Cage Care

  • Plated and Powder-Coated Finishes - Clean with a soft damp cloth and immediately dry with a soft, dry cloth. Never use abrasive soaps or abrasive cleaning pads. Avoid use of extremely hot water in cleaning.

    Plated items (brass or nickel) have a protective clear lacquer coating applied during the plating process. If this clear coating is worn off by excessive abrasive cleaning - or by years of use - the base plating will begin to oxidize. If oxidation does begin, it is recommended that consideration be given to replacing the entire cage or - at a minimum - the part that is oxidizing.
  • Painted finishes - should always be baked on during the painting process. To avoid future rusting, immediately use touch-up paint on any chipped or scratched areas.

    All epoxy liquid paint, epoxy powder coatings, and all plating finishes used on Prevue cages are laboratory-tested to be "Child Safe and Pet Safe"... of paramount importance. Lead-based coating materials are never used.

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