Ferret Stack Three Story

Ferret Stack Three Story - 58503
Model Number: 58503 Product UPC Number: 048081585030
  • A three story cage
  • Large front doors with escape-proof locks
  • Includes platforms, ramps, and a hammock
  • Mid-floor doors can be closed off to create separate spaces
  • Removable grille and pull-out debris tray
  • Rolling casters and integrated storage shelf
  • EXPANDABLE! Add an additional floor level with Item #58500 ADD-ON SET (sold separately)
Ferret Stack Three Story - 58503
Prevue Pet Products 58503 Ferret Stack | Three Story modular ferret home — perfect as it is, and EXPANDABLE when your pet needs more space. This tall, three story home
offers plenty of space for the most energetic adult ferrets to run, jump and play.

The Three Story Ferret Stack includes a soft hammock, plastic ramps and platforms, and features a removable grille, pull-out debris tray, integrated storage shelf and easy rolling casters. Each large front door features "escape-proof" door locks and measures 15"W x 19.25"H. Platforms, grille, and bottom tray are all easily removed for convenient cleaning. Castered stand provides portability from room to room while the space-saver shelf holds toys treats and supplies.

Cage portion measures 31"L x 20"W x 60"H (72"H including stand with casters). Wire spacing is 7/8-inch.
Wire Spacing 7/8"
Material powder-coated steel, plastic ramps & platforms
Unit of Sale EA
Warnings To make this cage chinchilla-friendly, use with our #485 Cover Set (sold separately). After washing the platforms, ramps and debris tray, do not leave these plastic components in the sun to dry, as they will warp. IF ADDING the #58500 Add-On Set to this cage, secure the final 4-Floor cage to the wall or ceiling for stability, safety and security.
Additional Information ACCESSORIES for this cage:
  • #58500 ADD-ON UNIT
  • #7502 Hammock
  • #485 Accessory Set (platforms and ramps)
  • #485 Cover Set (platform and grille covers)
Color Black
Includes 3 plastic platforms
5 plastic ramps
1 hammock
Removable grille
Pull-out debris tray
Cleaning Wash with mild, pet-friendly soap and a Prevue Pet Products #109 Cage Saver non-abrasive scrub pad. Dry cage components thoroughly before re-assembly. Do not leave plastic components (ramps, platforms, debris tray) in the sun to dry, as they will warp.
Overall Size 31"L x 20"W x 72"H
Wire Gauge 13 & 14
Animal Sizes Medium, Large
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